I was reading through some of the quotes and testimonials we’ve received from customers, and found this one standing out. It stood out not just because it talks about how great we are (yay!), but because it talks about one the most important topics in vocational education – relationships. Specifically the Employer – Trainer relationship.

Why do these relationships mater so much? Well, in many ways the employer and the trainer make up the double edged sword of vocational education. Vocational education works best when these two people are in close communication – like two parents with different specialities. Improved communication between these two groups leads to a more robust and comprehensive learning experience for the student and a true vocational education experience.

Employer to trainer: “John is struggling with this area at work, are there any resources you have available to support him in this area? When can we expect him to learn this stuff?”


Trainer to employer: “John’s just done a block of training on XYZ, so if you had any jobs on at the moment that included this type of work, it would be great for him follow up this block of training with some on the job experience!”.

I would love to hear some positive stories about trainer – employer communication practices in the VET sector so we can all be inspired!