Have a look around you, and think about all the ways technology makes your life easier. Connecting and communicating  with loved ones takes seconds instead of weeks of slow mail; bills are easy to pay, and shopping is easily done online saving you time; and even applying for jobs is simpler with online job searches, and uploading our resumes.

Technology can also make you apprenticeship much easier as well, and not just in the ways you might expect! Here’s a few ways we found technology really making the difference for lots of apprentices and trainees.

1. Research Made Easy

So much research and information is a the tip of your fingertips thanks to the internet. And of course, it’s available anywhere thanks to your smart phone. If you’re writing up an assignment, or studying for a test, there’s so many great resources available to you. Even better if your TAFE or RTO has their learning information online!

2. Video Tutorials

So many people are creating awesome free video tutorials for so many trades and personal projects. It really is a great way to watch over and over again how to do a specific skill.

Even better, with our current technology it’s super easy for you to create your own video tutorials to help others. Teaching others is a proven way to increase our own understanding and comprehension of a particular topic, so it’s a great idea to make a video telling others what you’ve learnt.

3. Emailing and Video Calling with Trainers

This one’s particularly exciting for those apprentices who work remotely, and have to travel for their block training – having access to fast and easy video calls, and any time of day emails can help you to stay up to date and focussed on your study, even when you’re not at TAFE.

This is a great technology to utilise particularly if you have a question about a job you’re doing at work, and would like your trainer to give you some more detailed information.

4. Profiling using an app

Gone are the days when you would have to fill out endless weekly paperwork in order to log your workplace evidence. Now there’s an app for that! Easy to use, and picture based means it’s intuitive and can be done quickly. Best of all, it maps back to the units of competence you’re studying, so you get credit for all the work you’re doing on the job. Nothing gets forgotten.

5. Training Plans Online

Managing your training plan online gives you more control than every before over your apprenticeship – letting you know exactly where you’re up to, and what you have left to complete your course. Technology in this area really is helping apprentices to feel valued, and de-mystify the apprenticeship process. So when your Great Aunt Marge grabs you at the family bbq and asks you what you’re studying and what’s happening next, you know just want to tell her!