As well as advancing our major redesign of the Employer area, this last month there have been a lot of client specific customisation. We have modified reports, api’s, assessments, checklists, versions of the Training Plan and more. While we have an extensive continuous improvement list, we will always give preference to paid work for clients.

The big project around the employer area is nearing completion and we have been contacting RTOs to discuss updating ABN information. We are committed to working with RTOs to get the employer accounts updated because the benefits will be a better way to manage supervisor and GTO accounts for all.

The WPSA outstanding report is now WPSA status report as we have expanded the filters to include filtering on Agreed WPSA and Not Yet WPSA responses as well.

Clients will be pleased to know we have updated the Unit Profile Printouts to now include Performance Skills graphs info and uploaded photos.

As part of our ongoing continuous improvement, we are currently undertaking some revisions to the +RPL interface. These changes to improve the user experience will be completed during September and I will details these in next month’s newsletter.

Finally, the usage report that we use to track subscriptions for billing purposes automatically discounts any student accounts that are marked as demonstration only. Please advise if you create demo accounts so that we can note this on the account.