It is not uncommon for RTOs to have specific requirements because of their internal processes, the constraints of the LMS they use, or their organisational structure. When this happens we work with the RTO to scope customisation of the product interfaces or functions to meet their requirements.

I have worked on a few of these projects in the last month. Initially we meet with the RTO and listen to their requirements.  Then it’s time to brainstorm on how our system can incorporate or replace these processes. The outcome is usually a project overview document that lists the proposed functionality of the customised software. This enables us to give a ballpark quote range. Once the client is agreed to the project overview, we can move to fully scoping the project and quoting.
Our policy is to be honest and provide any no cost options if they exist to meet the clients needs.
So while we offer an off the shelf product, don’t forget that we are able to customise to your requirements.
– Melody Rodgers