One of the major features we are releasing in 2018 are Qualification forums.

Over the last 2 years we have seen enormous growth in the use of My Profiling across many qualifications.

This has happened to the extent that in many qualifications more students use My Profiling as their logbook than any other logbook in Australia.

We appreciate the enormous responsibility that places on us to consult with industry and continue to improve the profile for qualifications and the activities which evidence is collected against.

Starting in March we will be advertising online forums to which each of our RTO customers can attend along with an employer and student involved in the qualification being discussed.

The agenda will be advertised and adhered to quite strictly so we achieve what we set out to achieve and don’t get side tracked.

As an outcome of the validation meeting My Profiling will provide to each of the participating RTO’s a report on:

  1. Attendees
  2. Continuous improvement outcomes
    1. Validation of unit profiles
    2. Updating of new, changed or superseded categories.
    3. Updating of new, changed or superseded activities.
    4. Updating of new, changed or superseded descriptors.
  3. Validation of assessments for those using Assessment Matrix
  4. Validation of checklists for those using Assessment Matrix
  5. Validation of cluster assessments for those using Assessment Matrix
  6. We also anticipate that the forum will provide feedback to Skills Service Organisations for further development of Training Packages in the future.

I am looking to add a bit of a twist to these forums where by we can meet in a dedicated Virtual Reality Space verses a conference call or video conferencing option.

I am anticipating a release of both software and hardware in early 2018, which will make this affordable and achievable.