A Smart Way To Assess

Build and manage assessments and checklists used for summative assessment, formative learning, RPL assessment, lesson plans, observation checklists.

Participate in our National Validation Network (NVN) by sharing your assessment items with RTOs of your choice.
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A Smart Way To Assess

Validate Assessments

A smart way to validate. Be part of our National Validation Network (NVN), sharing your assessments with selected RTOs, recording validation comments and tracking resultant changes.


Summative Quiz

Ideally suited to workplace delivery or remote students, Unit quizzes are easily accessed through a student’s My Profiling account. Used for either assessment or as a learning tool.

Mapping Matrix

Our matrix is prepopulated with unit criteria. Add your assessment items and map them as you build your assessment tools automatically building an Assessment Mapping Matrix for each unit. Amend your assessment content and the matrix is automatically updated. Compliance heaven. Fully customisable just for your RTO.



Formative Learning

What a better way to support skills development than giving knowledge questions or tips relevant to the activities just completed in the workplace. Based on the work activity being logged by a student, questions or tips can be made available as part of their weekly profiling.



RPL Assessment

The self-evaluation quiz in our +RPL extension makes the competency conversation a whole lot easier. Build it to suit your evidence criteria and then use the responses to guide the conversation.  Option to include a checklist for observations.


Customisable checklists can be created for each Unit. Populate with lesson plans, observations, task checklists to suit your assessment /delivery needs. Streamline trainer workflow by accessing all these in one place.

Your Organisation +Assessment

Transform the way you assess your students