A Smart Way To Validate

More and more RTO’s around Australia have approached us about using our Assessment Matrix as a means of validating assessment with other RTO’s of their choice.

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented this capability and are now making this service available, FREE OF CHARGE, to all RTO’s throughout Australia who wish to take advantage of it.
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What does the NVN do?


  1. Provides a platform (Assessment Matrix) for RTO’s to add and map assessment items. No more lost assessments or last minute panic when the auditor comes!

  2. Allows RTO’s to share assessment items with other RTO’s of their choice. Choose someone who isn’t a competitor but can add value to your assessment process.

  3. Facilitates internal validation. Keep all the staff up to date and involved in the continuous improvement of assessment material.

  4. Manages and records validation comments, easily accessible for discussion and action.

  5. Allows RTO’s to update assessment items. Once you have feedback you can make minor or major changes tracking these through the comment section.

  6. Maintains a continuous improvement log for audit purposes. Your continuous improvement is always at your fingertips.


We use state of the art encryption techniques to ensure your data is safe and secure. Your data is stored locally (Australia) and backed up hourly.

What does it cost?

We offer this service free of charge!

We would however appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you, some of our other products, and how you can create a seamless cloud based solution to your training and assessing needs.

How do you get involved?

Give us a call or send us an enquiry via the contact form letting us know you’re interested in joining the NVN. A customer service representative will be in contact ASAP with more information on what the NVN can do for you and the terms and conditions of use.

What happens when I join the NVN?

1) Map

The first step is to add assessment items and map them to the correct units of competency.

  • We can provide training to your staff.
  • We provide a data entry service. All we need is your current assessments and mapping, or whatever you currently have. Talk to us for a very competitive quote.

2) Connect

The next step is to invite a RTO from the network to view and validate your assessments. We advise making contact with the RTO/RTO’s you wish to validate with and ask them to share with you as well. Or, set up an internal validation session

3) Validate

Validation sessions can be organized with representatives from different RTO’s. A unit is chosen, the assessment items are displayed, comments collected and changes made. You can either do this as a group or individuals can add their comments over time. The process is ongoing.