My Profiling is a suite of tools for Vocational Education. +Organiser is our newest product extension with a calendar to manage events and comments area to log feedback. Integrated into My Profiling it enables tracking of training hours and student contact.

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A Smart Way To Organise

Calendar for Booking Appointments

While the calendars looks like others you may use, it has been customised for VET with fields to capture events types including sign up, assessment, training, mentoring and modes from workplace visit to texting.
Tag Employers, students, supervisors, or people from your contact list.

Notify Invitees

Whether it’s appointments with students and their employers, or colleagues and friends, confirming the arrangements via email means that everyone involved is notified. 
Option to select/de-select tagged people as required.
Edit the invite message to include any extra relevant details.

Record Feedback on Events

Tick ‘feedback required’ when creating an event and a pending comment is posted waiting for you to complete. 

Tag the training to a unit and this means training hours can be tracked per student per unit. Ideal for workplace training. 

Comments can be linked in a thread, or use the filters to find related posts.


Request Confirmation After the Event

This feature allows you to request digital confirmation from any/all parties regarding participation after the event has concluded.

Built to support validity and sufficiency requirements and substantiate volume of learning reporting.

Post Comments

Comments may be linked to an events or independent of events. 
Tagging a comment links the comment to users/their units within My Profiling. 
Upload any files relevant to the comment or link related posts.
The save as draft option is great when interruptions come along!


Build Your Own Contacts List

Add any non My Profiling users to your Contacts list and they become available to tag to any event or comment. 

Make sure their email address is valid so they receive any invites to events they are tagged in to.

Access & Pricing

Available as an extension within My Profiling for trainer and RTO admin level users.  It can be either used separately or integrated with other products in the My Profiling suite. 

+Organiser is available to Organisations to use for $2500 (ex GST) per year.

Get Smart with Organiser

A Smart Way to Track Training Hours – using My Profiling to diarise training & events