Gather all your RPL evidence together in one place using our smart system for gathering evidence from the applicant and assessor. Applicants independently complete a 6 step process to gather evidence. Ensure your RTO is able to show supporting evidence for Assessment decisions by using our RPL extension.
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A Smart Way to Determine Training Needs


Applicant Driven

With our streamlined process for gathering information from the applicant, the RTO can save time and money by quickly determining whether RPL is an option.  With minimal input form the RTO an applicant gathers initial evidence including employment history and experience levels, answers a knowledge quiz and uploads support documentation.



Manage an application by reviewing the responses recorded by the applicant, updating the status of the application unit by unit and communicating on bookings for gap training and/or observation.  Complete the process by recording details of the Competency Conversation and marking the Observation Checklist.

Audit Friendly

Keep the auditor happy by being able to easily produce all the evidence to support a competency decision – all recorded in the one place down to Gap Training requirements, the details of the Competency Conversation and the completed Observation Checklist.

Employer Validation

Based on the information supplied, employer reports are generated and automatically emailed to current or past employers.  Electronic validations are automatically recorded in the system. Includes alternative option is to save to PDF.

Visual Tracking

At a glance, both Applicant and Assessor can see the status of the application. The system is transparent and data recorded is visible to both the applicant and the Assessor/RTO and displayed concisely.

Linked to Profiling

Where the results of RPL indicate continued training is required, the RTO can add Profiling to the applicant’s account so the applicant can now access Profiling using the same log in details. In addition, evidence from RPL will be included in the Profiling graphs.  A smart system.

Your Organisation +RPL

Efficiently assess skills & knowledge to establish training needs