Designed to help RTOs eliminate errors and streamline the enrolment process by producing digital Training Plans documents that are mobile friendly and have electronic signature capability and version control.
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A Smart Way To Start Training

Spreadsheet Upload

Avoid annoying and costly mistakes by uploading data directly from your State Training Body or your LMS.  Spreadsheets are customised to your input requirements.

Mobile Friendly

No more taking paperwork for a sign-up. Just take your tablet and work through the 7 steps to produce a completed training plan. Details can be checked and edited without wasting time and paper.

Profiling Accounts

This smart system not only produces a training plan but also automatically generates Profiling accounts for the student and nominated workplace supervisor.


Managing Documents

Once the Training Plan is completed it can be managed within My Profiling. Easily edit the selected electives or start/end dates. Because the Training Plan is integrated with Profiling, it is automatically updated with the Workplace signoff and Unit completion details.


Version Control

Any changes are tracked automatically. Organising signing by all parties is stress-free with electronic signature capabilities. Responses are tracked so you know who to follow up when.

Electronic Signatures

This smart feature allows the parties to sign on any touch sensitive device.  And after the initial signing, all parties can either Agree or Not Agree to their Roles & Responsibilities via the email notification. Legally compliant and time efficient.

Your Organisation +Training Plan

Go digital to meet paperless targets and keep updates compliant